We are not going anywhere, but our parent Company, Laughing Lion Herbs, is being certified as a cGMP compliant facility. 

With the soon coming legal requirements for any kratom companies to be GMP certified, we can no longer afford to sell our kratom at these prices.

Costs have skyrocketed for this project and we would be loosing money at these prices. So while we have enjoyed serving your kratom needs, we must change prices so we can sell youcertified GMP compliant Kratom that is also Fair Trade procured (not certified but based on fair prices paid to ensure farmers are paid for their efforts!)

We understand some of you may be upset about loosing access to sub-$100 kilos and we wish we could continue providing these. However, the costs to become compliant and promote the legality and ensure the continued freedom of all Americans to consume Kratom responsibly prevents this. 

Please visit us at for upwards of 45 other strains and herbs that we offer!

OUR NEW PRICE WILL BE $125/KG (a small savings over our other site) NO SPLITS ALLOWED